My mentor, coworker, and friend Ei-Nyung Choi at The Browser Company shared with us a free conference that’s happening today called Girl Geek X: Elevate!

The schedule looks SO good:

  • Morning Keynote: Decision-Making at Scale
  • Let Them Shine: A Different Approach to Hiring
  • Riding the Highs & Lows: Navigating Bad Mental Health Days at Work
  • Launching & Leading Cross-Functional Initiatives as an Engineer
  • Transitioning From IC to Manager, and How To Do Leadership If Management is Not For You
  • Become the Role Model You Wish You Had
  • You’re A Sales What? Life as a Sales Engineer
  • AWS, GraphQL with Apollo-Vuejs: Simple Technologies that Help Deliver Enterprise-Grade Applications
  • Striving to Build a Happier Workplace
  • Your Ableism is Showing: How You’re Missing the Mark By Not Including Accessible Practices
  • It’s A Hot Job Market. Do You Stay or Do You Leave?
  • How To #HumbleBrag Effectively
  • Why Knowledge is the Future of Data
  • Cryptocurrency for Economic Justice

It’s about to start in a few minutes! I’m going to ATTEMPT to live-blog some of the talks I attend, which I have never done before and might be a massive failure lol. But let’s try new things! ✨ I’ll link my notes back to this post as I write them!

EDIT: LOL I keep getting the name wrong, GIRL then GEEK! Live-blogging off to a great start 😂